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Troy: Waxed and Flogged Part 1 7/24/14

Rayvin has a bit more fun with our new Boy Troy. Let's start things off with some hot candle wax before the flogging begins!

Vaylen: Flogged 7/17/14

It's time to step things up a bit and see how much Vaylen can handle.  The sting of the flogger is a perfect test for a new Boy!

Troy: Spanked 7/10/14

To help prepare our new boy Troy for things to come, we have him meet Rayvin in the dungeon for a solid spanking session!

Vaylen: Becoming a Boy 7/03/14

All his life Vaylen has had to be the tough guy.  Now that he's in our dungeon it's time for him to start learning how to be a Boy!