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Micky: A Little Further

Micky has been doing very well as a Dom lately, but he still wishes to push his own limits.  He asked to be placed under the flogger and pushed a little further!

Fusion: Present Meets Past

Extreme Boy Silver returns to EB!  It's been six years since we last saw Silver but he doesn't seem to have aged a day!  It's truly a fusion of present and past when this EB favorite submits to Micky in the dungeon!

Vaylen: It Doesn't Cum Easy

We decided to let Vaylen lay back and enjoy a good milking.  But sometimes things prove to be more difficult than first thought.  After a little hard effort, Vaylen finally shot his load.  But it didn't cum easy!

Micky: Pain

Micky has completed several nice scenes since arriving at EB.  But now it's time to start pushing his limits.  Watch as Micky cries out in pain as we begin building our boys pain threshold.