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Latest update November 21, 2014...

Rayvin: In the Moment

Rayvin requested help in breaking through an emotional barrier in ways that only the sting of a flogger can provide.  Watch as the camera starts rolling during this very real moment with this dedicated Boy!

Previous Updates...

Jay: Part 3, A Good Boy's Flogging

Our newest Boy has had it pretty nice during his first two sessions.  Now it's time to show him what be an Extreme Boy is all about!

Jay: Part 2, The Lesson Continues

Jay did nicely during his first trip to the Dungon.  Now it's time to see how he does when we introduce him to a new friend!

Jay: New Boy, Part 1

Jay has only recently started exploring BDSM.  During his first journey to the dungeon our newest boy submits to Micky for a little anal play, nipple torture and the leather strap... and this is just the beginning!