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Latest Update...

December 15, 2014
Jay: Spanked

Jay is back and Micky wastes no time going right to work on his plump, cute, little ass...  A bit of dildo play, spanking and paddling gets Jay squirming before finally being left on the anal hook to contemplate his place in the dungeon!

Previous Updates...

December 4, 2014
Tai: Initiating the New Boy

It's Tai's first-ever dungeon encounter and Rayvin wastes no time in initiating our newest Boy!  After servicing his new Master, Tai is hoisted up for a good paddling.  His ass has never glowed so nicely!

November 28, 2014
Jay: Hog Shackled

Solid iron shackles hold Jay firmly in place as Micky forces Jay to submit to the leather paddle, violet wand and the spiked wheel!

November 21, 2014
Rayvin: In the Moment

Rayvin requested help in breaking through an emotional barrier in ways that only the sting of a flogger can provide.  Watch as the camera starts rolling during this very real moment with this dedicated Boy!